WEBSITE design & development


Leaders in production, generation and broadcasting of the most important events of the world.


+18,000 hours of content produced.

PEGSA is a company with +600 employees that creates content for the main brands in the world, including Disney, RedBull and ESPN.

Design thinking

Our approach

Our process involves understanding the needs and goals of the user, and testing various design solutions.






PEGSA Group has +60 reels. This was one of the main challenges, as we had to think the best way to showcase them.


Programon helped PEGSA create their commercial website, and an online catalogue for their business presentations.


Before incorporating aesthetic elements into the project, we created wireframes at various levels of detail to test the usability of the design. This helped ensure that the final product would not only be visually appealing, but also functional and easy to use.

Bringing a Fresh Look to PEGSA

After thoroughly defining and testing all the wireframes, our design team began adding aesthetic elements to create a visually impressive final version. This attention to both functionality and appearance ensured that the end result would be a high-quality product that met the needs of our client.

Client Review

From PEGSA we met with several companies to set up our institutional website and we ended up choosing Programon. And we are not wrong. The project was long with a wide variety of content and changes on the fly, and Progamon adapted very well to all our requirements. We will work with them again shortly. It's been a pleasure.

Ramiro Guillot
PEGSA Group Manager