The Client

Muutus is a company that offers digital products for optimizing Human Resources management by reducing costs and time-consuming processes.


80% of turnover is attributed to bad hiring decisions. Altohught soft skills are crucial for business, they are usually not evaluated during the hiring process.


Create an MVP in the least time and budget as possible for allowing HR teams to analyze soft skills with hard data.
Our Solution

Transforming Soft Skills Into Hard Data

We developed software in 3 months that identifies the prospect’s soft skills by using the famous personality color concept from Carl Jung. Human resources teams can better assess the success of recruiting by bringing hard data into a crafted process.

This is what our clients say

They helped us to digitize the entire company during the pandemic, allowing us to adapt to current needs. Very transparent, professional and helpful.

Alejandro Gooding

Our new website has been very well received by clients and prospects for its functionality and aesthetics. It has been a pleasure to work with them: very current ideas, very efficient when it comes to putting them into practice and very responsive to the client during and after implementation.

Alejandro Gooding

Programon was able to adapt to our needs quickly. They developed a scalable and easy to manage site. They are attentive to details and help us in all processes.

Nicolas Jaimez