Connecting influencers with business owners.


Empowering businesses & influencers

Cirkelit connects small brands with influencers in various niches, allowing companies to hire influencers to run campaigns on social media and other online platforms. The influencers are paid on a performance basis, with the companies only paying for successful campaigns that drive tangible results.

Design thinking

Our approach

Our process involves understanding the needs and goals of the user, and testing various design solutions.





User needs

We identified and defined the target users. By interviewing these users and understanding their main pain points, we gained valuable insights to use during the design process.

"I get so many vouchers that I end up giving them to my friends."


Through a thorough analysis of the competitive landscape and a deep understanding of our users’ needs, we were able to clearly define the value proposition of our solution. This allowed us to present a compelling proposal that addresses the unique challenges and opportunities faced by our target market.


Before designing the interface, we did the whole user flows, taking in consideration all the technical restrictions.


Before incorporating aesthetic elements into the project, we created wireframes at various levels of detail to test the usability of the design. This helped ensure that the final product would not only be visually appealing, but also functional and easy to use.

Bringing a Fresh Look to Cirkelit

After thoroughly defining and testing all the wireframes, our design team began adding aesthetic elements to create a visually impressive final version. This attention to both functionality and appearance ensured that the end result would be a high-quality product that met the needs of our client.


We defined a unique name, design, and image for the solution, focusing on Latin Americans living in USA.

Client Review

Programon has been the ideal partner for us in many startups. They excel in the process of transforming concepts and ideas into a tangible valuable solutions, attending efficient and friendly UX with great looking designs.

Carlos F. Prats
Co founder at Cirkelit