Website design & development

Banco Del Sol

Sancor Seguros digital bank, to help its +7 million clients with a fast and reliable solution.


The most humane digital bank

Sancor Seguros is a leading insurance company in Argentina, serving over 7 million clients. In order to enhance their customers’ experience, the company decided to create a digital bank platform that combines technology with a personal touch. They needed a website that was accessible, secure, and easy to modify without the need for developer involvement. This would allow the marketing team to make necessary updates and improvements to the site quickly and efficiently.

Design thinking

Our approach

Our process involves understanding the needs and goals of the user, and testing various design solutions.






The whole design and development process was done considering high accessibility standards, for allowing anyone to interact and use the product.


We designed and developed a website that can be managed by anyone in the Marketing team, allowing flexibility and speed.


Bank details are sensitive and confidential. For that reason, we had to take into account the highest security standards.

Client Review

We are thoroughly impressed with Programon's exceptional predisposition, extensive knowledge, and positive energy that have resulted in a truly remarkable experience. Our team is satisfied and would highly recommend their services.

Belén Vargas
Manager Banco del Sol